The award-winning fashion project was created to recruit millennial customers in the American market. It started from a front row made of very famous US millennials and became a global viral case history. Starring the most influential American sons and daughters of very famous actors, singers, and models such as Cindy Crawford, Pamela Anderson, Silvester Stallone. The contents shared by the talents became immediately viral on Tik Tok and IG increasing the millennial target fashion sales not only in the American market.


The Miss Sicily lipstick was created following the Dolce & Gabbana Beauty e-commerce analytics during the fashion show. The data demonstrated an increase of lipsticks’ sales during each runaway. Miss Sicily lipstick collection was created to embrace the Sicilian spirit with brilliant and luminous colors. The very Italian-style campaign starring supermodel Vittoria Ceretti became viral on Weibo and WeChat and Miss Sicily, launched worldwide, became the best-selling lipstick in China.



Melding fashion and movie stars is one of the key strategies to obtain great organic social visibility. Supermodel and actress Zendaya wearing Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda at the Met Gala has been a project that led to great visibility both on social media and in the press. The contents posted by Zendaya herself, shared by Dolce & Gabbana global earned social media, by hundreds of IG magazines, by other influencers and agencies in every country, led to huge visibility and awareness for the Alta Moda branch, globally.



Emilia Clarke used to be the face of The One fragrance, she wore Dolce & Gabbana fashion during her red carpets, TV appearances, and junket interviews, this helped the brand to increase the commercial success of the fragrance and of the fashion itself. Every appearance, in particular the one on the most iconic red carpets, The Met Gala, together with the backstage moments’ contents shared by Emilia herself became immediately globally virally, increasing the traffic to the Dolce & Gabbana website and the sales of DG beauty products.


The Ultimune serum’s innovative formula was created after 25 years of research and involved more than 15 teams of researchers about skin immunity. The result was an innovative product, still unique in the market and without any direct competitors. The formula was launched with a massive global social media campaign and the product won 200+ awards. Even today, 1 piece of Ultimune serum is sold every 7 seconds all around the world.



Communicating with vertical communities through social media and engaging them with effective contents, requires solid knowledge of the community needs, of the products, and of the brand itself. It is also essential using a proper tone of voice to obtain credibility and trust. The objective is to grow the community, feed it with valuable contents, and take the followers to the end of the funnel to purchase the products.



Suky Waterhouse is the perfect face to rejuvenate the Salvatore Ferragamo image posting her content from Florence’s most iconic spots and bringing potential customers through the best viral tour in town. In the campaign she is wearing the iconic Salvatore Ferragamo Creations Shoes “Rainbow Sandal” created for Judy Garland in 1938: the result is a perfect mix between the visionary style of the creator and the brand’s heritage with the modernity of a popular, elegant influencer such as Suki is.



Social media can be used to communicate sensitive content such as medical devices and pharmaceutical products. In these cases, the contents, both video, images, and captions require medical expertise in the field and a solid scientific background.



Kresk4Ocean is a global project dedicated to the sustainability of the Oceans. The Financial French Group Kresk crossed the Mediterranean and the oceans with its technological Trimaran bringing country by country the message of its sustainable beauty brands. In the Trimaran regatta-event we organized we involved global ambassadors, local press, and influencers to have an organic spread of the contents created around Ocean Sustainability.



Contents and tone of voice must be very curated and deeply appropriate when talking about CSR, fundraising, children’s illness, and family in difficulties. This is the way we communicate every day on the social media of the Ronald McDonald Foundation to send a warm message to families in need and to communicate that they are not alone.