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Grazia’s remarkable ideas and connections were just as vitally important for our growth

"The Teatro Alla Scala partnership was particularly groundbreaking, as it was the first time a cosmetics brand partnered with a historical opera house in Italy. Shiseido was the official supplier to all of Teatro Alla Scala’s on-stage talents for their productions, which not only made for a profitable partnership but allowed Shiseido to powerfully associate our products with one of Italy’s most respected dramatic organizations, demonstrating Grazia’s genius as a Communication Director, Brand Strategist and Content Producer."

SHISEIDO COSMETICS Alberto Noé, Chief Business Officer EMEA
Grazia's experience in luxury has been the key to the high-end brand positioning in luxury dept store

"Having worked for so many prolific multinational luxury brands, Grazia is expertly aware of how much marketing it takes to expand a brand’s market share and increase brand awareness internationally. The Tuscan Creations Fragrances Collection is an example of a line that thank to a smart marketing and communication mix have been distributed in the best department stores in the world including Sack’s Fifth Avenue, Norsdom, Harrods in the UK, Tsum in Russia, others. In addition the mix of events, PR exposure, digital strategies, and events she played globally led the fragrance division to an increase of 45% in sales. "

A generous and very smart person who gets things done!

"Grazia is one of the most talented marketing and communications directors I have worked with in my career with corporates and SMEs. She knows her consumers' needs and can match brand requirements too. Her relationship-building skills are second to none. Always up to date with trends and passionate about her subject. Exceptionally intelligent, strategic, and empathetic, a high-value mix of skills to contribute to any size of an organization."

Wala UK Ltd. Dr. Hauska Charles Beardsall, CEO
Grazia is a champion PR expert!

"She has worked with me over the last 3 years to redefine our product in Italy, she is constantly innovating and thinking of new ideas to attract media. She is a quick, creative and real pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Grazia."

ALLURION TECHNOLOGY Jessie Kennely, Senior Brand Manager
Grazia set up goals for the Company and achieves each one of them.

"Grazia is quite brilliant: professional, responsible, always on time, she has leadership and works very well in a Team. She is very well connected in the Media and Entertainment World on an international level. Grazia works very well under pressure creating new strategies to fit any sudden new situation in a company calendar's spectrum. I am delighted to refer Grazia Zuccarini to any leader International Company."

I would happily work with and recommend Grazia any day!

"Grazia is an absolute communications and public relations professional, and one of a kind! Passionate, intuitive, efficient, and always with her finger on the pulse. She delivers incredible results high-value quality content and placement."

A Bird's Eye View - Strategic Sustainability Consultancy Helena Wayth, Founder & Managing Director
Grazia had a leading and critical role in the global development of the beauty license

"As Global Communication Director and Brand Strategist Grazia skillfully integrated the prestige of revered supermodels and celebrities, including Emilia Clarke, Kit Harrington, Bianca Balti, David Gandy, Colin Farrell, Scarlet Johansson, Matthew McConaughey, the legendary Sofia Loren, into highly successful campaigns for fragrances and cosmetics line that brought to an increase of awareness and double-digit sales for the division."

DOLCE & GABBANA Cristiana Ruella, COO